2017. 02. 22.

Improvements are needed in the management, financing and monitoring of Natura 2000, the EU’s flagship biodiversity programme, according to a new report from the European Court of Auditors. While recognising that Natura 2000 plays an important role in protecting biodiversity, the auditors found shortcomings in management and a lack of reliable information on costs and financing. Funding was not sufficiently tailored to the needs of environmental sites.

2012. 08. 07.

New Google Earth kml layers are available.

2012. 05. 17.

Round anniversary of EU conservation policy.

2012. 05. 08.

Ministerial decree on financing maintenance planning of 250 SCI is available.

2012. 05. 08.

The natura2000.hu domain points to this webpage now

What is NATURE 2000?